Runaway, rambling nothingness

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

In Depth, something intangible trapped beneath layers of my Consciousness and wrapped neatly in between the spiraling incessant mastery. A faster way to meld the morning blues with frail fantasy, although we’ve failed miserably and fallen to the Beasts at bay straying in their faceless maze. And brittle memory pulls me back in to fervent symbols reprised and drawn to ash in simple ways once shackled by the highs and lows, synthetic to our new approach so effortless in its growing ease offering the remnants caught in our final resurrection untethered by relentless lack of your affection. Unaffected. Colour rests, the colors in your eyes repressed by feeling shy of wickedness– possessed by light magicians growing tired of the viciousness a fallen grip on the path we graciously awoke. Without the words to pull you back I’m falling even further back…

“so run, Little Indian”


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