Every fragment a star;

In our Present stage, the object you see is never the same as the one I see. We infer it is the same as I see your experience talleys with mine on so many points that the actual differences of our expereince are negligible. Duality — Same point with differing subject matter — neither of us know nothing of him at all other than the regulations integrated by our own conscious mind. “Each of us stars is to move on our own true orbit.” All events are equally lawful, for all of us, in theory. Duty exists in experiencing the right event from one moment to another. Each act must be under will, achieving this are to be studied in “magick”; for the new eon, we are to understand the characteristics of the new age we are entering or already immersed in. One of these “Gods”, innane, infinite, ISIS the mother of simple nourishment marked by matriarcal government,


HORUS >> The Child
The Development of the following elements
Independent to the reigns of society
Succrection to the remains of
a succulent society
“Twin Gods”
Demeaning of Doctrine,
no seed of Purpose
Whole nations disturbed, War
Atrocities considering us unmoved
Unaccounted for,
Left to our own demise; for now.
Timeless (?)
For how long: 8
Survivors; do you see?
Suppression of the individual

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