We may not have much time but we surely have alot,
the moments in between become all we presently perceive
as all our hearts are meant to be and in between this
so called destiny of up and downs; Calamity
for all we’ve seen and all we’ve known
an evanescent pilgrimage to the
end of all we’ve ever known
and all we’ve ever
sought to buy
or sell or own
we are but,
pawns in
highs and lows
but we are all together
in our contents to pertain the grips
to everything we’ve every owned and
nothing left is ours to keep but all our souls
courageously weep to abide in or to insure
along the lines; our killing floor is red
Ambitious, superstitious
your love burns
upon our Doors
and shines the greatest light
upon all of our flailing divorce
to keep the Truth connected in our
Disconnect; we are simplistic
in our growing respects
of how our world
may be defined
Refined by consciousness
We are children here
By deeper magick
yet unsolved
and still we carry on
to Seek; the bitterness
of all we never speak
we become ONE
in all our growth
our staleness in illness we spoke
and all the bitterness we awoke
by seaping inconsistencies we never
deemed worthy for our crazed minds
to overthrow in all our watchless games
our faithless names for all the nameless;
Formless, ever tiring vengenance of things
that never seem to bring forth any greater
Love than majesty for all our peace;
We bring forth LIGHT
in all our feats
and lie
our wildest dreams
to fly forth on such simple wings
of golden light adorned by few
I am the heart
that resides
in You.


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