A Split Indecision — ‘Rememorize’

A world within me you never knew; the one I never got to share with you

Perhaps I waited too long for you to know

Deeper, it got so cheap and

now it’s drowning me


my only friend,

constant laughter spirals me back in

Nothing beautiful left in listless nightmares

I never awoke from, and to you it was all a joke

My spirit left burdened it never had the chance to float

and fly as it once did, you’re still the same just a fucking kid

you turned Sunshine into a prick

maybe it should have been more than this

anxiously awaiting, we’re all nameless

Faceless, formless, left breathless

She’s insane — how do we tame

the mind of something so entirely new

spaced out, spatially spaceless impressionless

Listless wanderings, how they’ve jaded us

left us folded inside ourselves with a forgotten sense of loneliness

Bring me back to truth in this reality

I’m asking for a sign

hidden message

is it yet time?

Going back

to the Divine

scene of the crime

a sinister rhyme

a shadow of doubt in

the seconds we unwind

I am forgetting to speak

her talk is so cheap,

turning us all into sheep

pulling us further from the pasture

where’s the paradise we’ve seen?

Beyond recognition in the eyes of the unknown

Forever unseen– Will she speak?


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