To Do (Daily) listless pleasures…

  • meditate and pray often
  • believe; infinite potential received from the source
  • remain empty, unattached, unconditionally loving
  • be inspired – never lose your center
  • cast a circle of cleansing/healing
    • exchange of Blood
  • give everything, expect nothing, be easy
  • spend more time loving and connecting with nature
  • re create existence in harmony and accordance with all
    • combination of energies to heal, teach and to guide
  • practice controlling, mixing of new light energy in sunlight
    • my power, the Divine, radiates through me in the Sun
  • combine Sun energy with the energy of Luna (Sky) Light
    • discover power flowing between us used for healing; reiki, stones
  • read more, write more, create and express lovingly, openly, freely
  • teach shamanism, acceptance in healing, compassion, letting go
  • create a fire in the woods with a circle of LOVE energy
    • appreciation & joy for all creation, the eternal life in every soul
  • meditate and pray to angels, spirit guides in frequent
  • see with eyes OPEN, look OUT and communicate
  • always believe that ALL is possible and tangible
  • remain open, free and natural. Always love.

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