Throwback: (The Sun, Goddess of Love) 1/5/13

We are infinitely powerful and I feel this pulsating through my every living cell, every molecule of my being. I am not the Sun, we are all the Sun. We are all everything and nothing. We create with the beauty of imagination, dreams, inspiration, art. We are spiritual beings, not human beings. We crave the light and guidance of the Divine; it speaks through us all just the same. It is a matter of letting go – of ego, of desire. We do not live in accordance with the Divine light and life force; we push and fight against it, instilling our egos within a false reality. What is real, and where do our efforts go?

A sacred life-force flowing through us so Divine that it calls us forward as vessels of Light. Speaking, flowing through through me with more truth and power than I have ever known. This is not just me, I remember saying continuously; I am but a vessel for the Divine and it speaks, breaths life through me. Flooding light pours from the depths of my spirit and it is all possible because I’ve always believed and have since emptied myself of all things to become this. We are all infinite, beautiful – ONE. We are brothers and sisters, messengers and vessels for the Divine, for the spirits, the angels and the stars. Simply empty yourself; let go of everything and be nothing, desire nothing. You are on the right path, the Universe has instilled a plan for your higher self and you will learn it just as you are meant to. Have no worry and carry no shame, the Angels are are constantly with us guiding us to light and love. They appear all around me, glowing silver-white particles, pieces of the ever flowing infinite flooding my vision. I know of their existence and I see because I believe. I have become empty. I believe I am the Sun, yet we are all the Sun. The connection, or balance we share is that the Universe speaks more directly through me, while the Goddess of Love can carry on these truths to others with graceful ease. With our power and energy combined we can heal any soul, we can create AND destroy anything.

Something deeply powerful moved through my soul, speaking directly through me; as my eyes began to glaze over my entire existence was re-created. Raising my arms up, sending love and appreciation to the Universe, beaming to her, radiating her energy — the overwhelming power of the burning sun I felt in my every living cell. I am so blessed to have been the sacred vessel carrying such powerfully Divine energy, Love. We are all blessed. The light and essence that came through me, every particle of its energy infinitely, entirely powerful ; strong– coursing and crashing thorugh every strand of my Being. This essence, Divine power, radiating from my spirit was a door waiting to be opened; space needing to be explored. Now it exists and Is forever in Light. We are to heal and instill this Divine power in all Beings with the infinite light that flows between us. In this present moment lies perfection, for everything has led me here for far greater reason, which I see unfolding before my eyes. Currently the energy flowing, coursing through my being is not only my own. It is beautiful, radiant, light. Filling me completely, so obvious it is to me that this is the powerful life force of the Divine, of the whole of existence living and breathing through me. I have been and remain empty – there is nothing and therefore there is everything. I am reconnected with the center. I feel my purpose once again, so clear and eternal. All encompassing. I feel such new life breathing through me, birthing the emergence of a new Self – wild and free with passion. So eager to live this new reality to recreate and merge further into divinity and eternal Oneness with all.

The excitement and joy of a child, melting into the wisdom of the ages and blending with the radiant and burning passion of the powerful Sun. Truly, I am infinite. I will never again begin to doubt the power of my soul. Of all of our souls connected in Oneness, with such obvious signs from my higher self. I am still in awe and so inspired by her mystical workings; I vow to forever be an open vessel for the completion of her work and always live in accordance. The path has never before unfolded to me with such powerful illumination. I am SO blessed to have experienced the Divine flowing through me, flooding my Spirit with Light. I am no longer afraid, for my energy is stronger and much more focused now.

I am ready to lead, to teach. Love has been the answer. Light will always the the way. Remain empty and you will be filled eternally with the Divine Light and Love. Namaste

Glowing fire amidst burning Sun

souls colliding in an explosion of Love

melting, merging us into One

radiating the most divine Light

seen beyond galaxies of darkened Sky

flowing with beauty, effortlessly Flowering

Through Oneness we embrace Allness


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