Throwback: Spill your soul 1/18/13

Infinitelight I burn into the night

through galaxies, across endless sky;

The Dreamtime

with craving passion I ignite setting flames

to star flushed light; it is not me it is Divine

living through me it breathes from within

inspired by the limitless evolution of our souls

our spirits connected in the sacred architecture of the Universe

I dream of possibliity far greater than we’ve known

it breaks forth through harmony; Spirit Love

when our love is given back to the earth

We grow, we teach, we create to inspire

we burn the barriers and build the bridges higher

leading all to the light, we together re-create

the beginning and end — the past, presently fades

enough energy, thought, power combined

creates endless possibility for unity

pass on the blessing

be forever; You

thankful, giving, compassionate

the light and love everyone needs



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