Throwback: Revolution through rebirth

Realization of our true and eternal connection to nature, to the divine light of the Universe births strength into our personal power to effect change. We all must realize We Are incredibly powerful, spiritually evolving being that have traveled through many lives, in many forms to reach our current states of understanding and awareness. Our connection resides in all things as we bring completion to the whole and without our complete karmic cycle, the enlightenment of our souls and rebirth our spirits we are hindered in totality of our personal power. We are not separate, nor are we ever alone; when you begin to believe this you will both see and feel the energies and spiritual frequencies emitting themselves around you. You will breathe in the divine light and feel waves of comfortable stillness surrounding, calmness and eternal peace. Motionless, yet always flowing. Our perception births reality, therefore it must simply be altered, focused and centered to reach the ancient truths. Being entirely connected to the whole and infinite existence of our souls will bring forth an end to societal chaos within the governing system. REVOLUTION THROUGH REBIRTH. Power is not a means, it is an End. I know we have a long way to go… I don’t doubt any of it.”

I think we are alive together.

and we remind ourselves of our ancient past

that we don’t have to be here but we choose to

for there is much more we must come to understand 

this physical form merely allows it to be more bearable in this plane”

written (1/20/2013)


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