The evanescent pilgrimage

All alone we are forever together

in the moments that we roam

seeking outward ceaseless pleasures

in the lessons we have grown

through sleepless nights

wild reddened eyes, lingering beneath

stale, sun kisses skies and we Are

the Love we so possess

in the evanescent pilgrimage of our

lowely sinking regrets in all of

the fortune our aching souls

hope to neglect yet still collect

as we continue on a path less dim by

fruitless fashions of a world we’ve

abused, and to us greatly used

stripped and refused to all

we have consumed with dire need

uphailing the kingdom to bring back higher truth

and all as one we are so scattered by the love

we failed to give in all the

spatial moments

that our truth was

truly listless

and so forgiven by our misuse passed to all our family’s blood

I am useless in our search for an everlasting love

yet we are filled and become whole

by all our tiresome expense we are not

permanent in our meager shallow breaths

but become stronger in all pursuits

of light that hail to us next; and

bring us closer to our clarity in all

the moments we unwind

seeping sickness

you are but a molecule in senseless

time and we rewind



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