“I’m a goddamn fool, then again, so are you”

She doesn’t give anything away. Inabilities to complete the thread work of her destiny;

failure is not just my own
I have no more cards left to play
eyes sinking desperately
upon the hand I couldn’t create
still I remember vaguely
the ones you dealt me that day
Queen of hearts,
Jack all spades
Three dark eyed Kings
a Joker, last, to spoil everything
mysticism in your eyes
you knew the truth
before I ever spoke
and held the visions
now wearing me thin
before I even awoke
and I held so many mysteries
before I choked on my own words
fallen victim to a once miserable cause
for what purpose were my efforts served
effortless to so disguise
a maskless mask left beyond in parts
of draining sadness we remind
one another of the selves
we used to love; now
meager emptiness
runs rampant, wild
holding me back from
a once beautiful

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