Coastal Ghost Town

It seems much simpler being the watcher– the one who waits and receives. Silently interpreting and channeling the thoughts that are eagerly inspired by each passing moment of terrifying bliss and remarkable beauty. I so regretfully deserve the light this world has instilled within my heart, and yet it is here. So very real, so alive and without structure.

No added force needed, nor any effortlessness to overcome it’s graceful tests, so perfectly aligned and entirely present. As it is so, the world surrounding awaits me to be one with all of the light I possess and have since been so fearful to joyfully embrace. Making us run from our faults in this bout of sand and destitute, we are not lost, for we have only lost ourselves which have no greater capture than the emanating light which all consumes us, breathing and living through our bodies, expressing every visual vengeance to each viral delight. We are not here to be kept, cleaned and neat behind the boundaries of such false masks of security or hidden behind armored trucks decorated with mobiles of the sweetest smelling flowers. We are here to break out of all of our devotion to ourselves, release the egos that bind and fall deeply in love with the rhythms calling us back to one another, the only true connection we have. All else will melt and crumble away, we will sit upon the shores as we watch it all decay, and light emerging from our swollen eyes as we see so much beauty in the destruction of this life. Drawing ever closer to our true nature, as vessels working for the lightest kingdom, for in one another, in the reflection of all as One, radiating the otherworldly emanation. The source of God existing behind our eyes, intwined within our bones, we thrive.

Let it melt away,

as we stand tall together creating new and unconquerable ways to refine our spirits. Definitively sinking into the grips of our destiny, awake, we look all around to see that we are all we have and all is love upon these shores.


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