Diamond Illumination

All the energies around me change as soon as I change.

When I step outside and am confident and loving towards myself, the world around me whispers back love and gratitude. The wind delights in my every breath. It plays with my hair, singing me melodies as angels softly kiss my cheeks. All of the instances I have so longed for are suddenly there and nothing more remains to hinder this moment of pure bliss. In a split second I have danced with the Divine and shook hands with my self. Now when I look within and all of the mirrors have been smashed, I can finally see me. So clear and beautiful, pure light, lion-hearted me ripping through the shadows and burning brighter than the Sun, laughing stronger than the roaring ocean. A sea of infinite space within and around me so emerges as I come to grasp the Unknown with loving dedication. I smile broadly, as if for the first time.

And the more and more I melted away into the pull of these new energies, the more I noticed the diminishment of the ego, the cravings and desires, the falsehoods that await to reel me back. They become powerless and I begin to smile again so deeply, effortlessly.

With new eyes, cut diamond clear and perfected, I see all around me exists innate beauty and entire crystalline perfection. I lay breathless to its magic, as every core of my living cells ripples with admiration, admiring the sheer Divinity of this passing moment in time. What else could be better than this, I thought? Nothing comes close to passing this overwhelming goodness derived from simply breathing. I rejoice in each breath and am so lifted higher. As I ascended, I realized I live within everything and that everything in its right place dwells in me. Captivating, timeless being, you are the wise one. You are the one you have been waiting for and seeking out so feverishly. And now the time we’ve all been waiting for is here. The Sun, the light, the truth it pours upon my face with the highest adornment, for in it I can feel is is so proud, so overly elated that I have found and unlocked the door within me I have long kept hidden. The key was in my heart all along, and the rhythm to which my soul danced could only be found in me. I was so dazed by this mystery and found such Love inside of me, awaiting for it to burn all for this most intelligent, wholesome design. And then I kept on, knowing exactly who I was and where I was to go. And I let the Thinker think, and it thought many things. Many I watched pass as waves in and out of the shoreline. Graceful was there conscious effort to abide my every breath. I was so thrilled that these rewards came from my heart and that all along my light did not fade, but only grew brighter with each new day.

In this Light I had such a passion to get away to an untouched corner of the Sun, and to feel myself melt there for what I would describe as Infinity. I knew to stay there in this light is to stay in the warm, loving arms of the Divine, to which all is honored and all holds value and meaning. And I never wished to leave. The Lightbeings on this plane feel, hear and hold onto eachother. Knowing te Truth, that we are all deeply connected and we are, in all of these moments, returning back to the endless Love of the Source.

Bless All and Be Blessed,


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