Miles growing in between
the lines I never cared to read
forgotten all the ways you feel
on the road so long it’s unreal
and Baby, I’m just homesick
cycled through that old shit
seems so easy, now
you must have thought
I was a nuissance

Tell me did you think
to take on any of the new sense
head down, and you’re crashing
missing all of the blueprints
we clearly set a path for you
To decompress the ruins
of such empty eyes
shattered beyond
all recognition
Useless keys,
There’s no start
to this ignition

Perhaps only in a greater light
an honest truth and real fight
Nothing that I should ever lose
For you it was too much, too soon
Darling how I once loved you,
Not even broken could I want you
could not poetically assume to
potential so lost, potentially we exhaust
the hope that danced between our bodies
It never did belong to us,
Truly we were designed as one
to tragically combust
feels like relief from way out here
torn through the silence, and
left rumaging probable fears

Now that it’s all transparent
I’m flourishing
It’s so apparent
the stars can see
these places
rupturing my destiny
imploding in my bloodstream
left on my own to redeem
So it seems, these
places always
carry me



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