So Long, 7:16PM

So strange it is to be here,
wallowing in the ashes of my past
and all that was but is no more
just arrived upon the third floor
such a dark, diminished atmosphere
and I can’t look you in the eyes
so my sanity depends on this or
I may fall shortly to my demise
such a breathless feeling, when
our life has gone to waste and
I can’t find the words to settle
out this sheer distaste for the
end that was, so long, my friend

You are so bittersweet to watch
the failures of my own lost cause
that would have pulled me forth
so fierce, but left me in the dust
to sneer at all the passersby who
wait anxiously for me to be late
and miss the mark I am so destined,
in hopes I crawl back into their mess again

Savage eyes and lonely hearts
fixed gaze on me to simplify my start
into a better flow, one
that urges, insists and grows
not to be confused with such
melancholy lows I took upon myself to own
and made my strife through selfish gain,
for all along I tried to refrain
from letting you into my pain
and still your willingness permits
a sideways glance beyond my wit
that tackles all that was once soft
replacing in me a homeless loft
where no true safety may reside
until the dawn comes to abide
by all the tears I’ve left upon
its gentle winds, and
moonlit song

So long.


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