The Wreckage

Our endless numbered days
they’re all the same
motionless motions
devotions unchained
hardly sane,
It’s all the craze
to lose your mind
chase the sun, unwind
let it go, follow the flow
forget all of the absurdities
they told you you should know

Underneath the glowing rays
my heart is filled by all the light
surrounding us into every night,
for if the end is drawing close
it is in me the Divine will host
radiance through every limb
in each drawn breath I feel again
and all the joy that had once died
is suddenly felt by this new life

the mysteries we so forget
and how the ancients needs met
mystics filled the streets and weapt
for all the treason we subject
and for no reason but the truth
we’re lost and counting on the youth
to pull us from our selfish ways
we cannot deny our way insane
and so it is the story shall be
of how the new souls liberated thee
without force or falacy

Can we not see the simplicity
perhaps we’ll build a simple city
one without the hate we found
a hope to turn the world around



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