The Youth, 12:34 am

Impaled by such rapid force

I’m struggling to stay the course

effortlessly I’m so aligned,

a miracle to be

in a molecule of time


We are so empty now,

and oh isn’t it grand?

to melt into the vast seas

and roam the tattered out lands


We have more life than any dollar can buy

looking through the treetops we kiss the sky

falling out of grace with the efforts we despise

we’re drawn back through the matrix

in solemn attempts to unwind


It’s so fine to be, but a speck of dust

forgotten are the worries that used to bind so much

but can it last, oh can we stay

and dare I ask, may I say

we’re moving on

to a whole new wave


looking back its safe to say

there’s nothing left for us

To touch,

so bittersweet, this life

it sings to us in the silence

We pass by, and are

so disturbed, so troubled

by its melody,

but why?


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