The Blues in Normalcy

Lost and lonesome on the same old road

beaten down by our past

such vague heaviness consumes

oh and what are we to do?

the caged and forlorn muse

of the back road trails for the horribly misused

and so abused, open hearts they are so vulnerable

so very able to melt and simply refuse

the love we try to take

mere misunderstandings

a multitude of mistakes


What is wrong with us, we ask

and why are we so dead inside

where did all the light go,

that once kept us alive?

It comes and goes, the ebb and flow

and no one knows why we suffer such lows

but when we grow stronger and

seem to renew


It’s all worth it

to feel the blues.


One thought on “The Blues in Normalcy

  1. There is great depth and searching here without giving the impression of being lost, but inquiring as to why the world is. Good work and presentation.
    Marcus T. Tolbert at

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