#11 South Bound, 11:01 AM

From an outsiders perspective,  many could assume the lifestyle I live is rather erratic, unplanned, or perhaps on the risky side of the spectrum. To many I know and can see that it may appear dangerous, untrustworthy, and maybe on the verge of insane as it is so unfamiliar. So beyond reach yet so entirely there, awaiting those courageous souls violent with passion enough to take the leap. And so I ask, are you yet wild enough in breed to swim the skies and fly the seas? We are merely getting by if we’re no less just living to die, ceasing to question the answers growing so comfortable in the darkness of a dim existence without surely knowing why. Dare we dip into the dark waters of the Unknown, and stare up at the mysticism of the pale blue moon without a rippling through our chests and into our open hearts? I live this way because I have known to keep my faith and allow the waters to pull me out and bring me back, intrinsically aligned with the source of all Divine. The cosmos themselves dance behind my eyes

I see the world differently and believe possible what others may never fathom of this illusion, and so the improbable is made possible, in just those simple moments of resonance. I have known how to surrender, how not to control, how to live without being fed, how simply it is to be, and how magical to be anything at all. Whatever form I desire, I so possess, and I am ever-changing, always growing and transcending the past that was endured and conquered. Only to begin again anew, with nothing left supporting me but the earth under my shoes. All of the walls and barriers between crumble and diminish as never before seen, yet vivid dreams haunt my psyche of the memories that flash between this realm and those that have passed. Reminding myself nothing here will last, temporal complexities seem only to be illusions of the mind. To be first acknowledged and twice conquered. The Human Spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it, withholding the right use of energy and intention. All is relative, present to the Spirit within.


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