Beyond Fear: My Soul Mission

“You still possess the most profound, elegant, indestructible well of love.”


A letter to my Self from the Old Towne transit center dated June 29, 2014:

What is my soul mission, beyond fear, beyond limitation and doubt– if nothing were there to hinder or block my pursuit what actions would I take, and would my life be any different?


I want my actions and my life to help and inspire others. I want to be of service. A safety, and a well of love in a world of chaos and hatred. I do not want to be another number, another soulless soul lost in the undertow of a damaged and controlled life. I ache to be the absolute peace of mind and warmth of heart obtaining the brilliance and devout courage of the Gods. And so I am. Effortlessly growing into and becoming, and at peace.


In writing this, I hope to remind myself and others, of who we truly are simply because I can see it shining forth from everyone. And if I can see it in them, I know they can see it too.

My heart is opening more and more each day and I am so grateful to once again feel it beat with ease and grace as the light returns to my eyes and the fire to my once cold heart.

This is awakening. It’s the magic of the ages in our natural world, the timeless miracles that continue to prosper as we further learn and grow. It is the Truth which surpasses all earthly understanding. And I am the Light in the dark of a cosmic web of polarities. The hope and the compassion that is needed in this world as people are waking up and beginning to understand and let the wisdom pour in. They are lost in many lots, from all walks of life, and a messenger is needed there to relay, guide and nurture them through this transformation.

Being in truth, we all come from a place of the highest good, greatest light and strongest love to which is almost inconceivable to us whom are so blessed, so worthy yet so undeserving of such Divine grace. We so easily forget our roots upon arrival, and many are so eager to live they forget how to think, how to feel, and mostly how to share.

We live primarily in a world of greed that remains at odds with itself as the seen and unseen worlds are two entirely different portals of existence. When crossed a state of hypnosis and very possibly psychosis are left twisting our innermost self. If ignored, the messages we receive may only appear to us as mixed signals or confusion. We are in constant connection with a greater source of wisdom and light Within, only when we separate ourselves as a form within this world are we hindered by our own minds. The identity will suffer ego death many times through rebirth and growth, but the eternal spirit withstands all and is untouched, emanating an even greater light through the tribulations.

The spirit world or unseen synchronicity which surrounds is attempting to guide us out of our blindness and once again see the world and ourselves as we truly are. For now, many of us see only the reflection of ourselves and we look away repulsed by the veil we have created for fear of purifying our souls and burning the light of consciousness upon the truth we know in our hearts we must pursue. Many forget to feel more than they see and that is the greatest tragedy of all. When we purify our eyes we see the pure world and we are returned to our natural state, back to our roots and connection with the spiritual world. In which a divine sense of peace emerges that one knows cannot be taken from him. It is his because he has accepted and embraced all parts of the self and love them each equally.


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