A Million Names for the Divine

A million names remain for the nameless, limitless, formless ten-thousand things. The simply complex Creator of this ebb and flow Universe in which we simplify in the name of the One, the Divine Source or Highest High, some know as God, whom to us remains incomprehensible and mysteriously perfect. Our curiosity is justified, of course. Being a part of such infinite workings, we want to know this Divinely powerful, effortlessly graceful force like the back of our very hand. We carry on, creating and instilling names or symbols declaring its form, all the way knowing in our hearts that this is a hopeless plight, for the Divine surpasses all form, flowing immeasurably beyond our limited understanding.

As a sum of the Creator’s parts, we act in unison, as one single Consciousness experiencing itself through a range of dualistic human experiences in order to draw our Spirit closer to the only simple truth there is: ‘We are all One as a part of the Universal Creator, whom through which all things flow; forever coming and going yet always returning back to the Source.’ Does our Creator truly condemn or convert, or does this Supreme Love act purely and lovingly, being devoted to all of its Creation as a unified network and bring all of our souls to the fold, allowing none to lose their souls? We cannot understand this unconditional love and forgiveness for we are but drops in the ocean and stars in a vast night sky, where the Divine is the entirety of the ocean itself and the whole vastness of our skies within a single drop of blood. The truth is so immaculately incomprehensible to us that if we even knew a half of it we would die of insatiable thirst and desire to return back to the Divine realms and our Creator’s embrace. For this reason, the wise ones were sent to our plane to teach the way back to the Source, whom we name masters or gurus, and whom many more confuse as the true Creator in the flesh for lack of belief without sight, for lack of understanding in our blindly unaware state. The Creator, who knows all before it happens, foresees all of these events before they occur, is aware of our imminent confusion before the question even arises. For this reason, the Divine encourages our quest, instilling life and beauty in our search for the Truth and leads us back to our Supreme destiny through our earthly-spiritual experiences, to which cannot be named or explained as anything other than a glimpse into the realms from which we have come and to which we are due to return. Our life is but a mystery unfolding to awaken the Spirit within to the entire, unfathomable truth of our Divine existence. Being One with our Creator, we consented to all events and circumstances we experience in our lifetime with the knowledge that the lessons and ultimate destiny we are to fulfill here will evolve our Spirits into perfected unity with All That Is. Therefore, nothing that we do or have done is wrong, but simply returns us to our true evolutionary path.

A liberation exists in knowing that we have consented to all form and formlessness of our earth experience, both good and bad in dualistic view, before it was ever called into existence. For we are given, through our gracious Creator, the wisdom and inner knowing of what to do and where to go in each moment of our eternal quest and all we are to do is listen for ‘His’ voice and follow. We are not blind in ‘Him’ who sees all, but are given sight into all that is and ever will be. Our Creator does not let us roam like lost sheep for long before ‘He’ reaches into our lives and hearts as an omniscient force beyond us, pulling us back into alignment with the destiny of our Highest Self. Whether we go with ease or we go with resistance, there is no difference, as this is entirely our own choice based on a limited perspective of our current reality. Being the one who created us, the Source of our Spiritual World knows us far greater than we know ourselves and will lead us through the darkness at just the perfect pace, in just the right time for our ultimate mission to be actualized in our magnificent return to the realms of unimaginable Light and unconditional Love.

As we grow older we come to ‘know’ ourselves more, yet what we know is merely an illusion being both temporal and sensory in existence and so we trust ourselves less. In turn, believing less and less that we are who we once believed in and envisioned ourselves to be. It is not that we grow older and more foolish, but that the ‘temporal experiencer’ or earthly vessel, attempts to take the place of the eternal spirit. The vessel does this out of confusion and habitual clinging to familiarity. We lose touch with our true self because the spirit within shies away from the faulty reality that it knows for certain will only come and go, just as the seasons change, it has no place in eternity nor does it return back to the Creator but simply back to the natural processes of our Earth.

Namaste lightbeings,

Autumn Sunshine Elise



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