15 Ways to Be More Present In The Now

Ironically enough, flowing in timelessness, we often find ourselves wondering what could we do to save ridiculous amounts of this time, to harness it and better master it for the betterment of our purpose. In my experience, a disconnect from the present trades in our true reality for a role. If you’re projecting yourself into the future you miss filling in the fine details here and now. You miss out on creating your story. Your energy is pulled side to side and none is left centered enough in one focus that it has not enough power generated to become anything more than a thought.
Perhaps you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, sending yourself back in time to worry incessantly on what was and what could have been? Forget about it. The best thing to do is leave it where it lies. The trick to ending this cycle of lack of presence is to simply be aware of it and live as you can in the only moment there ever truly is– this moment right now. A few other really awesome things can happen when you’re being fully present in your life, too. Of the many advantages that will come to you from an amplified presence, just a few of them I will mention are…
  • Clarity– being in the moment, you have a much better focus as you relinquish control and become one with what Is. With heightened clarity a peace with your surroundings emerges and things flow naturally out of you. 
  • Calmness– grounded, relaxed, with a joy and lightness in all you do? No longer projecting yourself into a possible future or reflecting on previous experience the fear that once held you back isn’t there.
  • Positivity– fearlessness? a clear focus? you are plain and simply kicking ass today? There is very little in your way and let’s face it: when you feel better, you do better.

How does one actually return to the present moment? Here are 15 suggestions to try when you sense yourself involuntarily drifting into the future/past realms. Checking back in:

  1. Focus on what’s right in front of you. Turn off your phone or iThings, give the present and the people of this moment your full, undivided attention. The moment at hand is providing you all of the tools for the work that needs to be done. Self and worldly awareness come together to guide you in what to make of these tools.
  2. Close your eyes and bring awareness to your body, your mind, your spirit. Ground yourself in this experience– become one with it. Embrace what ‘Is’. Energy flows where attention goes.
  3. Re-connect with your inner body. Coming back to the true nature of your essence, you center your energy on what’s within you as opposed to what’s going on without. Be mindful of your breathe, the chakras, how energy is flowing into and out of your body, open and receiving signals, etc.
  4. Surrender to what ‘Is’. Your body is sending you a message, your spirit receives this, how is it spread and how do you take back the power your energy is feeding this messages? When you accept and fully embrace the feeling, it tends to flood the awareness with the truth of what it really ‘is’ –and this is, most simply put, a feeling.
  5. Pick up the vibe from those that stay present. Not everyone is constantly here in all of there essence at all times, we’re human and we have minds that wander, but we can always catch the vibe from others who stay conscious and present in the Now.
  6. Gain a new (and higher) perspective. See things with new eyes– with the eyes of a child. Be the seer that does not simply survey the land and see, but takes in the land through his feelings and intuition. Be more curious than you are afraid.
  7. Meditation, stretching, yoga, or other forms of exercise will keep your mind and body present with new energy constantly cycling. Remember, ‘body is not weak, mind is weak’ we are simply fine-tuning our thoughts.
  8. Sit in a place quietly and tell yourself “You are going to notice the next thought that’s coming into your mind”. The moment you start looking out for your next thought you may find that all the thoughts cease to exist.
  9.  Put off making decisions until they have to be made. There is limited upside in thinking too soon. Give less fucks, more briefly.
  10.  Slow down. Resist the incessant desire to wish you could do more than one thing at once in one place at one time.
  11. Minimize activities that dull your awareness. What are you doing to tempt your mind from actualized presence of the moments at hand? Drifting into a state of passiveness steals your focus and places concentration on something that isn’t right here and right now. This is a form of escapism. Don’t zone out, zone in. Be active and engage the world in the moment you create.
  12. Find the silver lining. Every complete “disaster” will lead to something positive in the end.
  13. Seek and act on your Inner Knowing. Don’t rely solely on thinking or feeling.
  14. Breathe deeply. Life is measured by breathe, and breathe is new life.
  15. Take notice of the world– realize the moment that’s around you.

It is all about becoming aware. A thief can only enter your house when he knows you’re not watching. But if we keep an eye on the door, the thief will think before it enters into your home. Same is with thoughts. Most of us live in the past and the future because we are not in a state of watchfulness or awareness. Thoughts like thieves come in and rule our lives and make falsehood into realities. When we make the >inner shift into a fully present state the light of Consciousness brings only beauty and truth. Enter the now from wherever you are.

Namaste friends,

Autumn Sunshine Elise



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