DIY Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

First, get some unpasteurized apple cider. If you live somewhere you can’t get raw apple cider, you will have to make your own. (Note: When making it on your own be sure to use unwashed organic apples. The peels will contain natural yeasts that will colonize your cider, which you don’t want to wash off). Next, pour apple cider into container. Cover with cheesecloth or other porous material and seal with rubber bands. Now let it sit out. Within 24 hours, you should notice that your cider has fermented. Leave your jar of fizzy apple cider in a dark, room-temperature spot for a few weeks until it isn’t bubbly anymore and smells of vinegar. Try to keep the jar out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, make sure it gets a supply of oxygen and is gently shaken periodically. Once all o the bubbles are gone, enjoy the use of your raw apple cider vinegar!



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