DIY Herbal Face Steam

Feeling like you need a day spa?

Herbal Face Steam

An herbal face steam helps restore the healthy natural glow to your skin. The moist heat hydrates the skin and opens your pores, increasing circulation and oxygen to the skin.

  • 1/2 cup dried herbs of your choice (lavender and calendula blossoms recommended) or 4 herbal tea bags
  • pan or teapot
  • water
  • quart-size heat resistant bowl
  • 2 towels

Boil water in pan or teapot. Once it boils, remove from heat source. Place herbs or tea bags in your heat-resistant bowl on a table. Be sure to place wit ha towel underneath the bowl to protect your table. Carefully add boiling water to the bowl. Sit down in a chair in front of your bowl, and place a towel over your head. Close your eyes and position your face at least twelve inches from the bowl. Enjoy this relaxing herbal face steam for 3-5 minutes. After you finish, rinse your face and neck with warm water and pat dry.



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