Selfless Service: The shift into higher dimensional living

As some of us may be aware, the third dimensional law per our existence here governs service to self. The collective human consciousness generates this worldview as it polarizes toward the creation of a reality entirely designed to help us learn and grow. As a whole, the collective views of humanity come together to create this mass of conscious belief –and this very belief is what creates the ‘reality’ you connect with everyday. Continuously it shapes everything.

The understanding that this collective intentionally contracted here to both design and manifest this third dimensional negative planet which is based on the spiritual lessons of duality and ego explains much of our incarnation. This is why we are reincarnated here and opened up to the world of duality. For the very reason that this plane is capable of allowing humanity a place for learning duality, understanding opposites, and emotionally exploring a vast range of negative and positive experiences we come here to transcend and return to the higher realms. This dual existence we have contracted for means humanity has created the polar opposite in human conditions that may be consciously experienced. These being, for example, living standards between extreme poverty or riches on our earth creating the world of temporal existence, of loss and gain, of birth and death. Duality in itself is perfectly designed to fast track the process of our spiritual growth.

This is also why we are to learn to service others and surrender to a higher power if we are to transcend the third dimension and ascend spiritually. Throughout our journey of self service, tending to the ego, and experiencing life as a dual projection of positive and negative circumstances we begin to understand that we may not see the whole picture here. We begin to let go of our layers of programming and the false manmade beliefs, such as a Hell, the Devil, Satan that have shaped our existence as we begin to understand it as humanity’s way of explaining away unloving actions or attributes of pain and suffering. For those of us that are waking up, it’s becoming more clear that this self service will only take us so far. This act of service stems from the ego which actively pursues human activities to support the human existence, such as material wealth, social status, preoccupation with power struggles, and so on. Overall, ego is the act of self-enslavement. Coming together as one and relinquishing control of our everyday experience opens us up to a new reality centered not in self, but in selfless service to the whole.

Your role begins to change as you stop trying to change your world, but simply look within at what can be changed in you. Your role begins to change as you begin asking the right questions and taking right action. You begin to ask how you can best respond to your current set of circumstances for betterment of the collective consciousness as a whole instead of repeatedly asking what can be done to improve your own individual situation, your own self, you. Each day we wake up, we live, and we return to the dream realms we may not always understand the mass of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and experiences we are pushed toward or upon waking simply feel. Although many of us are unaware that each day we not only feel but are fully connected to the collective consciousness of humanity, and so heartache or pain, devastation and disaster, grief and loss– duality at its finest– are felt entirely in our hearts and souls. Each one of us. Opening yourself to the full dimension of who you are and understanding your true nature saves you the pain of taking each of these seemingly uncomfortable experiences in and labeling them as your own. No more is there a power over you when you become conscious of it.

Through sacrifice of ourselves to a higher power of unfathomably intelligent design, we open ourselves to the full dimension of our reality and our ‘selves’. We let go of the control we’ve held so tightly to and revert back to the nature of our inner child, the seer whom sees the world with curiosity and awe instead of ravaging and seeking. The seer who knows and believes they have not yet seen it all, and beyond that, that we mustn’t use our eyes to see at all. We would be much less fooled if we trusted our intuition and feelings over our sight, as we would then be more like nature, more like the world we live in and the life that surrounds us. Perhaps we would find peace and stillness within, accumulating a deep acceptance for the gain and loss surrounding this third dimension and simply let it be.

There is one understanding we must grasp here — it is all about spiritual development. Our Divine purpose to be learned from all of our lifetimes and polarized experiences is to acquire and progress our wisdom and spiritual self. A blockage in your outer world comes simply from a blockage in spirit– go to that place and spread the warmth of compassion and heal it. No one can heal you better than yourself. Know yourself, know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Namaste friends,

Autumn Sunshine Elise



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