How To Stop Holding Onto the Past –tips for choosing to breathe again.

You’ve found yourself here reading this, then perhaps there’s a struggle for you being fully present in your life? Perhaps you find yourself consistently looking to the past and past experiences to make decisions or further create and expand on the you you wish to become. You want to enter the Now from where you are, but you are stuck and life is stagnant. It may seem simple, but what’s holding you back from shifting into the Now is your own long held grip to the past. For new adventure and experience to come bounding into your life it’s important to relinquish control of your current circumstances. Don’t wish for your life to be changed– wish to change yourself. It all comes from within.


All you see outwardly is an expression of your own inner world, be it nirvana or hell, it becomes what you make it. Recognize the power of thought in shaping our very perceptions of self within ‘reality’, and so it may be easier than you think to remain holding on, if even subconsciously. You come here and you say, ‘I want to be free of the past I have clung to for so long, new opportunity awaits me that I’ve been holding myself back from in trying to recreate what is no more, what can no longer be. This attachment is the root of your suffering. This is programming. You have unconsciously shut yourself off from you. Don’t displace with your entire belief that this is the one path to your ultimate happiness. If this past was meant to be your present, it would be. More often that not, acceptance is needed to understand you may have left that place far in the past because you learned the necessary lessons for your evolutionary process and transcended it. That is why we are here. We cannot hold on forever. All is temporary, slipping away in every second of the Now and this attachment to that which you’ve blossomed beyond will only hinder your ability to see into your present circumstances clearly.

If you hope to find peace, it’s imperative to let go of and release the plans already made. They are long gone and new plans are in the works presenting themselves to you in all moments. You are no longer that person. You have grown and transcended those stages of existence and now you must open your eyes to the beauty and opportunity that awaits you. Remind yourself, you’ve already experienced that and you’ve learned the lessons needed. It’s time to move on. Make peace and accept your place. You don’t need to have everything to show for it. You need not have anything at all. One does not truly grow through learned reactions, but through following their individual soul path. Honor comes to those who can flow through the pain and joy of life seeing them as one, with no qualms to experience either or, for simply they are both an experience worth grasping and learning from. The reward will come later, but for now, this is a state of constant transition and in the ebb and flow you must allow the habitual pattern to see in the same limited view to cease eternally. Seeing with new eyes and having a change of heart regarding yourself and your life, choosing to love yourself again and open yourself to the full spectrum of your Being will create more and more flow in your every day.

Actively release the past and all past experiences by creating new and more positive experiences presently. It always gets better. Take the risks. Allow yourself the freedom to flow without resistance. We swim in a sea of abundance and opportunity, but are so limited by our own ability to see that which is in front of us. Have faith, push yourself forward and remove the expectations of the future by making the present even more beautiful. Purify yourself– the outer world will comply. The more true you are, the more truth you will be opened to. This is growth, this is de-programming, this is the process.

Namaste friends,

Autumn Sunshine Elise


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