Daily Prompt: Honorific

For this October challenge I have no one else I would rather declare and commemorate as my ‘person X’ than the very woman who has changed my life — WordPress world meet the beautiful, Amy Nicole Red-Elise.


I met Amy a little over a year and a half ago in the blog world of Tumblr. At the time, I was between living in Indiana and Tennessee and she resided in Texas — in between she fearlessly took a quest across the country for the first time with nothing more than a bag on her back and dreams in her heart. This ultimate taste of freedom she experienced allowed for me, then living quite an average life with years of ambition to break free and travel, to live vicariously through her and thus began our unconventional friendship. She has since been my very best friend, my greatest joy, my deepest love, and happily, my fiancée after she asked me to be hers eternally under the lighthouse this last July in Santa Cruz, CA.

I remembered my place in this world before she arrived, and the feeling as soon as we met and locked eyes that my life would be forever transformed by this Goddess of Love. I recognized her effortless grace and beauty as she flowed through life was unfathomable to the rest of humanity. She was Divine in every sense of the word, clearly untouchable. Her pure loving energy infiltrated the depths of my soul with ease and has since created a deepening well of adoration in my heart. If ever there was a golden sign ascending along my path, calling me forth in eternal truth to mark the transitory point of my spiritual growth, it was Amy. She has been my teacher, my pupil, my healer, and I in turn, have been hers.

She encouraged me, in the midst of being bogged down by a life I didn’t want, to simply let go and be free, to allow myself the release from my physical existence to reach the spiritual awakening I was yearning for. She showed me a new existence aside from the beaten down path, birthing an undying passion for life into my very Being. This new path would allow me the room to finally free myself of all existential chains, societal programming, and previous lifetimes of conditioning, and truly live out the purpose I had come to this Earth for. We have since traveled across the country together twice meeting and sharing our life with a multitude of amazing souls, climbing to the top of Bell Rock in Sedona, living in beautiful California for the spring and summer, exploring and living in a handful of intentional, self-sustained communities, successfully creating and launching our own natural products business and non-profit organization, and most importantly to each of us, the spiritual growth that has occurred throughout our Awakening, the valuable lessons learned, and each unforgettable experience that our souls will carry on beyond this lifetime.

Here’s to you, my lovely Miss Red. May life continue to bring you all of the adventure, beauty, freedom, passion, and love you so desire. I love you endlessly and infinitely, across the galaxies and beyond.

All of My Love,

Autumn Sunshine Elise


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