Objective Living: the keys to life


How long can we humans continue to live as Beings separate from this Earth and from Nature? Day by day, I see the souls who live by preoccupying themselves with minuscule tasks that will ultimately lead to the same destination, the same beaten down path as all those who have come before. Must we all repeat the cycle or can we learn from watching objectively our fellow light beings swiftly advance from point A to B?

We see where this preoccupation has taken our society and how far we have gone awry from our true and eternal roots. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What we are doing here is merely repetition, a trained conditioning of the projected reality. Each day these souls complain about the jobs, money, food, resources, lack of time, and overall meaningless feel to their existence. They despise this repetition, they want true freedom from the system they feed into for reasons unknown to them at this point. Ironically enough, they turn around and praise the very freedom which clearly does not exist. And so upon waking up we begin being a bit more truthful with ourselves and asking some necessary questions –perhaps for the first time.

What are we to do with this life, why are we here, where is the middle path, where is meaning, where is purpose and destiny met? We feel we are desperately running out of time or that something is about to happen and we are right on the edge of a mass transformation. To spike your curiosity — we very much are. We live in strange times. We are all contracted here this round to try things a little differently.

Of course those who have been programmed into this system for so long would fight to keep it the same, out of fear over anything else, but why we ask, would they fight for what opposes them? Why do they fight for what is intricately designed to lead one astray and destroy all chances at true success? The powers that be have done remarkable work in creating a world system where we obey and hold up everything implemented with little or no question. And so perhaps it’s time to consider our true place here, without all of the excuses and distractions we allow ourselves every day, and ask how long we will continue on this way. Those in positions of power are not giving up the reigns and those in poverty are not given the room to free themselves from the chains and in the end there is no one to blame but ourselves.¬†Where do you stand here and what truth will you bring to light? It is as it is and will continue to be, and so the work must be done within. We are the ones that must make the change. The only thing holding up this handful of people is us. We have freedom to choose in any moment to drop this failed system and walk the middle path for the betterment of humanity as a whole. The time, of course is Now.

When do we begin looking at our Earth home objectively? If we allow ourselves the inner space to go within and view ourselves, our circumstances, and our life path from a higher perspective we take on quite a different view of our place in this world. In this manner, we are here to tread lightly, to treat this outer world as we would care to treat our own inner world, the supreme understanding and realization being that the two become One — and in the end all duality is transcended and only pure, actualized Unity will remain.

What you seek is seeking you, and with this wisdom, where will you turn now?


Autumn Sunshine Elise


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