Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land

The strangest place I’ve written to or posted on my blog? Throughout my travels I’ve found myself scribbling on napkins in midnight diners, writing overtop the steering wheel while driving through the Rockies, filling up countless moleskines, compiling short-story sticky notes on my dashboard, and of the most memorable of course would be my writings from our experience being stranded in Cuba.., New Mexico. A Navajo man named Randy, his friend Victor, and brother Herman from Albuqurque helped us with our flat tire and got Rhonda back on the road. Prior to our rescue, we were patiently awaiting the New Mexican AAA man to arrive outside of a small house on state road 96 depicting a huge statue of a saint, and, oddly enough, sporting a large crop circle taking over three-fourths of the driveway, and three demon dogs salivating over our sweat and DNA.

These are interesting times we live in.


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