Unplugging the Matrix: overcoming the awakening

“Maybe you are searching the branches for what only appears in the roots.” -Rumi

An eternal truth that I have always known, but since returning home from California, have found so easy to simply ignore. Putting others first is a genuine gesture from the heart, but it will in no way save the ones you love, it will not lead you on the journey inward you have so sought for, it will not bring you to God, it will not rebirth Spirit in unimaginable light. In truth, the very effect itself allows you to see with new eyes, for you to see yourself in everyone, but it fails to show you who you are and where you must go, it hinders you from seeing something deeper within.

There is nothing selfish breathing in self-love, no Ego lives here, it simply Is. We must love ourselves first if we are to feel capable of giving the love in our hearts back to the Source. We must freely give the well of Love within so others may dip into us and be nourished by the life of our very Being.

I will admit, while I’ve been shaking branches over here I’ve very much missed the warm invitation to move further within, delving into the mysteries of my very DNA, and asking the questions I’ve been meaning to ask. I am well aware the root holds all, it IS all, from there all is created, connected, and resting at center. I have known for some time, but in order to truly reach others my Spirit has pulled this experience toward me to lead me to the other side of the spectrum’s perspective – to remind me. This radical end has clarified for me how humanity can so easily become enthralled with the physical realms, how simplistic a view it can be, of self and of life when you are viewing all in the third dimensional world view.

How ironic it is that humans can even find solace in pulling at the finer realms of existence from this very limiting view and never truly find the way. We cannot reach the Spiritual through the Physical without turning inward, but we are, however, constantly open to new experiences in lower frequency planes that shape our ability to transcend the cycle. We have layers and layers of incessant programming, mind control replacing the balance of pure mindfulness, strategically designed to hold us back from our inevitable ascension and keep us from trusting our own inner intuitive guidance and answers from Spirit.

This practice is used to create, no more or less, an army of passive, robotic souls that believe they serve no higher purpose here than simple existence to feed back into the system – a system that will never feed back into its People. A dream that will never be actualized, the American Dream that you must be asleep to believe. This simply isn’t the doorway to our existential growth within the Earth realm. We will continue to be lead astray by such internal workings if we take no initiative to separate ourselves, our own spiritual energy and higher purpose, from that which has been programmed into us since birth.


Autumn Sunshine Elise


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