Daily Prompt: On the Road

Sometimes pausing real life and taking the time for a spiritual journey within is not only life altering as an experience, but a positive step toward self-love and true understanding. Allowing yourself the freedom to expand and explore your place in this world opens Spirit up to the greater truth of Oneness. In crossing all cultures and lifestyles, merging the boundaries between, we see ourselves in everyone and we view the Earth as our Home.

After 18 years of living in the same state of Indiana, being born and raised in a small town, I decided it was time to move forward. As for uprooting myself to travel anywhere in the world, it remains a goal and long lasting dream of mine. I didn’t leave the country, although after 20 years of wanderlust I traveled across the country to California. Upon my first journey out West I experienced the beauty of Sedona, AZ and climbed to the top of Bell Rock. I was healed by a Shaman there who used his touch and crystal skulls. I met a 70 year old man that had hiked 250+ people to the top of these red rocks in just a few months – at times taking 3 groups of couch surfers each day. He became an inspiration in more ways than one. His drive and determination brought out the strength and perseverance in my own. He taught us valuable lessons, he opened our eyes to a new dimensional world view, he created a community where one ceased to exist. Always leaving his home open to travelers, couch surfers, and other Bell Rock enthusiasts, some of which he hardly knew, he taught me that nothing that is truly yours can ever be taken from you. That trust and taking a leap of faith leads us through this life gracefully. There is no pause button for the Timeless Now. ‘Real’ life is saying yes to your adventure.

top of bell rock clubthem  shaman band photous standing


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