Birthing a new reality: full circle of Consciousness

Today I am truly awakening all aspects of my Being and finally freeing myself of the life wrenching chains of addiction, self doubt and affliction. It has been a six year struggle for me, on and off, from severe alcohol addiction to narcotic dependency to general self-harm and abuse. I have harmed far too many others I have deeply loved and cared for in this destructive process. No more painful is how deeply I have allowed this cycle to  destroy myself. In the end, I give myself much Love, admiration, and credit for the journey I have taken as destruction is merely a plateau on which to rebuild. This time I choose to rebuild a foundation nourishing Spirit above all else, creating an all-encompassing, Inner safe haven of Self-Love.

I have learned my own strength as well as weakness — my own grace as well as struggle.  I have learned much of my ‘Self’ in the process, but most importantly, I have learned to let go of that which no longer serves me. A wise woman once spoke these words to me and they have since never left my Spirit. I was reminded of them every day. Her own Inner struggle was so beautiful to me, so deeply in alignment with what I felt I was facing within myself that I felt called to take such action for my own existence. Spirit wants to fly freely, it is already bound enough by this world, and so I choose consciously on this day that the struggle for me is no more. I am letting go and birthing new a reality for myself of full Light and Consciousness, and in turn, for this Earth. My life is a blessing. My body is a temple. Today is not only mine, but yours. You can choose to free yourself in any moment. Our greatest obstacle has always been ourselves. Enter the Timeless Now from wherever you are — become Whole again, become the ‘Self’ you have always dreamed of Being.


Autumn Sunshine Elise

Santa Cruz & Watsonville 164


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